Sexual Harassment Expert

Sexual Harassment expert

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse

Psychotherapy and Expert Witness Experience



  • Female dock worker, sexual harassment
  • Female construction worker, sexual harassment
  • Female employee finance company, sexual harassment
  • Female employee sanitation plant, sexual harassment
  • Female employee building department, sexual harassment
  • Multiple male and female patients sexually abused in childhood
  • Multiple rape victims

Civil Litigation Sexual Harassment


  • Female parks employee – settled for defendant after psychological evaluation
  • Female retail store employee- settled for defendant after psychological evaluation


  • Female real estate office employee – jury trial, 7 figure judgment
  • Female trucking company employee – jury trial, mid 6-figure judgment
  • Female law enforcement officer – defendant prevailed
  • Two female government employees, sexual harassment and retaliation, case ongoing

Other civil litigation

  • Bad neighbor harassment, plaintiff, case settled
  • Multiple sexual abuse cases plaintiff, churches, schools, families. One settled for 7 figures, two settled for high six figures
  • Sexual abuse case, defense, defendant exonerated
  • Dog bite, several, plaintiff, outcome unknown
  • Landslide, 12 plaintiffs, 3 wrongful deaths, 4 day deposition, 11 million dollar settlement
  • Plane crash, teenage girl, wrongful death, plaintiff, case settled after evaluation and deposition
  • Police shooting wrongful death, plaintiff, case settled after psychological evaluation